Sbor a Orchestr Univerzity Karlovy

Jak vzpomínají na Sbor a orchestr UK naši bývalí členové?

„Thank you for letting me be part of your choir. It made my time in Prague my best semester in years. Tex SchönlankThank you for letting me be part of your choir. It made my time in Prague my best semester in years.“

Tex Schönlank, Belgium (baritone)

„When it comes to choirs, the personality of the choir’s leader is often what defines the entire character and atmosphere of the group. My first impression of our choirmaster, Haig, was thus an immense relief. His manner seemed to foster a natural and immediate kind of fellowship between himself and the chorus, with a certain implicit authority born of respect never diminished by his affability and charm. Within a few minutes of his direction, I could tell that this was the choir for me. (…) It was a fun choir to be a part of, and we put on some excellent concerts at amazing places. (…) All in all, I have always had a great appreciation for choirs, orchestras, and any other group or society that brings people together to produce something wonderful. Not only did the choir [Charles University Chorus] keep me in contact with and strengthen my bonds with the friends that I already had, I met a great many really wonderful people through my participation therein, from the Czech Republic and all the rest of the world. But more than that – not only did I meet these people; I shared a bond with them. When you collaborate in that way, and work together so closely on that kind of a project, you don’t just become a team – you become a family.“

Ross Millar, United Kingdom  (tenor in the Chorus and honorary triangle player in the Orchestra when not busy singing in the Chorus!)

Ross‘ full post can be found here:

„I had a great time singing with the Chorus and I feel inspired by choral singing again…thank you for your dedication to the Chorus! I felt honoured to sing with such a high quality company.“

Vera Sahlberg, Finland (soprano I)

„Dear musicians,

Playing in the Charles University Orchestra was one of my best experiences in Praha. Thank you for your welcoming me and for your hospitality. Even with the language barrier, I felt like at home. A I really loved every rehearsal…I couldn’t wait for the next one! The atmosphere in the orchestra is amazing! And after the rehearsal…I really enjoyed going for one (or two or more) beer(s)…Na zdraví! It was always a very good time! And I learned a lot about the Czech culture: music, food, beer, wine, traditional festival…Incredible experiences! (…) We played at the 700th birthday of Charles IV! I was impressed and it was an emotional and powerful moment when we played at the Karolinum and then at the Prague Castle! (…) Playing with you was like a dream…before my arrival to Praha I couldn’t have imagined that. Smetana, Suk, Dvorak, Janacek…I am Czech now!!! It was a unique and terrific experience! I am really glad I met you. And I’ll miss you!“ (…)

Isabelle Journé, France (co-principal oboe)

An article by Elan Grug Muse, United Kingdom (soprano II)

Impressions from Minami Toyoshima, Japan (deputy principal viola)

An article by Hannah Illing, Germany (violin II)  

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